Thursday, April 4, 2013

We all LOVE luxe!

Admit it! No seriously, who would say no to a life of luxury...everything you want, and I mean every single thing at your disposal!

Luxe Cake for my 40th
The Best Things in Life are Free

Before you start branding me as shallow and materialistic (and really I would say the same if I saw the title of this blog), lemme tell you why I decided to write this blog about life's not so little luxuries. You see, I quit my job in HK working for a big firm, relocated back to Manila and after 3 months of no paycheck and waiting to start my own gig, I suddenly found myself asking the question "is there luxe after work?".

I've always loved the finer things in life. Call me Brandgelina if you must. I have no shame in saying that I spend a fair amount of time browsing websites, magazines and shop windows for shoes, bags, clothes, beauty products all in the name of luxe!

See I wasn't one of those lucky ladies born into wealth, but I have always, even as a teenager loved the finer things in life.  I worked my way up the corporate ladder to buy the things I want, and for those that I desired but couldn't afford, I just lusted over them until I could afford them.

Oh and don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for sales and discounts too! I mean who wants to spend if you can score this season's shoes, go on a posh trip, dine in a fab place for free. But hand on heart, I can tell you, the harder you worked for it, the more luxeworthy you feel when you finally get it!

Anyway, back to "jobless", why I am writing this blog about luxeluvin' ladies during my career break...well, simple...because I have the time...and as cliche' as it sounds, am starting to learn that TIME is life's biggest LUXURY!

The Ladies Who Luxe

So Brandgelinas, take a bow.  Just because we can't buy it (now or ever), doesn't mean we can't blog about it! :)